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RhinoScript – Real Magnetic Force effect.


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  • 1. virtual_passenger (Mar 28, 2011 23.41):


    I want to experiment neodymium magnet feature inside rhino predefined magnetic poles, distances, power, strength and temperature changes effects on power loss.
    Experimenting on real very expensive. I want to be sure before I built something like magnetic motor?

    it should be able to attract each matched poles and Accelerate to each other.
    if magnets pointed to some rotation point, then it should be rotating around that point. it will be able to show us also how electric motors also can be dynamically tested. my real wish is the make magnetic gear tests. some magnet suppliers giving magnetic force dynamic calculation but not really good enough.
    Many simulation program does not really show whats going on.

    So I know some basics VB script. But I am not able to get objects points automatically. It is not good all the time choose points. It must be defined by parameters. when it is tarted with predefined acceleration, it should increase its own speed until its hit to right pole.

    I wrote some library based codes. once I do something really looking good then I will upload here. Lets built together.
    Kind Regards



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