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RhinoScript – Project Feasibility / Ideal language (rhinoscript, vb, c++?)


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  • 2. Hanno (Mar 29, 2011 10.17):

    Hi Dave,

    Rhinoscript is definitely slower than a .NET or even C++ plugin.
    There are certain things you can do to optimize Rhinoscript for speed - first and foremost switching redraw off during execution, then trying to avoid approximated methods as much as possible (like using Line/Plane intersections instead of Curve/Surface intersections) - , but for this kind of realtime application I think .NET or C++ are a better choice.

    Hope that helps!


  • 1. davegravy (Mar 26, 2011 18.07):

    I'm designing a ray-tracing tool for use within Rhino. Essentially it calculates a reflection off a reflecting surface and then projects it to a receiver surface. It does this in a loop for thousands or tens of thousands of different rays.

    I wrote the preliminary version in Rhinoscript and am finding it far too slow when calculating any significant number of reflections. I've tried to optimize the code by trying different approaches to the geometric calculations but am getting the same consistent slowness.

    I'm not familiar enough with this stuff to know if I'm being limited by rhinoscript (being a high-level language), Rhino itself, or both. Ultimately I'd like it to provide realtime calculations, which _should_ be possible to do (based on examples I've seen of rendered real-time optical reflections I've seen in Rhino) but perhaps this is limited to highly optimized C++ code taking advantage of GPU acceleration.

    Before I try to tackle porting my tool to or c++, can anyone offer any insight into this?




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