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RhinoScript – Accessing Transformation Values using rhinoscript


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  • 3. nav_nk22 (Apr 14, 2011 08.36):

    Thanks Hanno. Would the quaternions concept be of any help? I have been reading on that for some time now.

  • 2. Hanno (Mar 29, 2011 10.12):


    if you include an interactive rotation (i.e. let the user rotate by clicking with the mouse) your script has no control over the rotational angles at all.
    I would say the only way to retrieve these angles is comparing the geometry before and after the rotation.

    The undo stack does contain an instance of your geometry before and after the rotation, but AFAIK the operation as such is not saved.

    Hope that helps!


  • 1. nav_nk22 (Mar 21, 2011 20.18):

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to rotate an object interactively and trying to find out the rotation values. The same would also apply to any kind of transformation. I''m wondering how i can get those values. Is there any method to find out the transformation values.
    I also believe these values would get stored in the undo buffer, if so, is it possible to access the undo buffer and get these values ?



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