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RhinoScript – How to call script with parameters


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  • 1. redesign (Mar 14, 2011 14.33):

    Hello, I am newbie on Rhinoscript and have a question.

    I have several dimension styles - "10", "20", "40" etc.
    and a script that assign style to selected dimension

    Sub current_dim(strDimStyle)
    Dim strObject
    strObject = Rhino.SelectedObjects
    Rhino.DimensionStyle strObject, strDimStyle
    End Sub

    How can I call a script from the toolbar and transfer parameters into it?
    I assign a macro to a button
    -LoadScript "C:\Rhinoscripts\curent_dim.rvb"
    -RunScript current_dim("10")
    It shows error in arguments


Why are these buttons gray?