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RhinoScript – A difficult problem about FlowAlongSrf


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  • 3. renjiez20 (Mar 02, 2011 15.54):

    Thank you all the same.
    If the object is Irregular object,how to do it?

  • 2. Hanno (Feb 28, 2011 12.25):


    you can use Rhino.ProjectCurveToSurface to project the edges of your objects onto the surface. Then you could extrude them to make solids again, depending on what geometry you want to achieve.


  • 1. renjiez20 (Feb 26, 2011 20.21):

    Could you do it like the picture.I want to put the plane object onto the other surface.The new and the old look like the same on top.This is a must.
    This is what I have if anyone has help for me I would appreciate it.

    A difficult problem about FlowAlongSrf

Why are these buttons gray?