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RhinoScript – How to reuse a BoolleanUnion as string


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  • 6. Hanno (Mar 13, 2011 15.43):

    Hi Joao,

    nice project, thanks for showing!


  • 5. jnpalbuquerque (Mar 12, 2011 21.22):

    Hi Hanno,

    Thanks for the help a few weeks ago.
    Here's a short movie of what i was using it for.
    I am building it now...

    Thanks once again.

  • 4. Hanno (Feb 01, 2011 13.15):

    Hi Joao,

    Boolean operations are error-prone by definition, especially in geometrically complex situations (several edges meeting etc). You can try to improve the success rate by tweaking tolerance settings and geometry, but if you write a script based on Boolean operations, you should make it able to deal with failures (at least have them flagged to the user).


  • 3. jnpalbuquerque (Feb 01, 2011 01.56):

    Hi Hanno,

    Thanks for the quick reply and for the help.
    Overall, going for the (0) individual ID worked, but in some occasions the Boolean didn't work at all (even though the geometry was always the same - 3 cylinders, Y branching -, called recursively).

    Any idea on why might that be?
    Thanks once again!

  • 2. Hanno (Jan 31, 2011 10.04):


    the boolean union returns an array, because there might any number of results. You can access the individual object IDs through indexing, e.g. myBooleanResult(0) ... myBooleanResult(n). This is normal array behaviour.

    Hope that helps!


  • 1. jnpalbuquerque (Jan 30, 2011 23.36):


    I am trying to intersect an object with another that is the outcome of a BooleanUnion ( the BUnion returns an array containing the identifiers of the newly created objects).
    How may i get the booleaned object as a string in order to test the intersection?

    Thanks in advance.


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