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RhinoScript – straightening the angled cut


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  • 4. Hanno (Dec 14, 2010 09.23):


    if you are still seeking for a solution:

    I second Johannes contribution: It is definitely easier to directly do the cuts in the way you want them instead of trying to fix them afterwards.

    You could for example do a brep intersection (that returns intersection curves but does not touch the breps) instead of a boolean subtraction, then create a bounding box around them (in direction of your lath) and subtract it. This should lead to the cuts you want.

    Hope that helps


  • 3. mojatamnastrana (Dec 09, 2010 00.34):

    In the first script I was making the substractions of two elements in such a way that both surfaces are being cut to the middle, and you can join them together if you make them out of some material like wood.

    But the problem is, in real life, and with a lot of these elements, I can only cut perpendicular to edges, cannot make an angled cut. That's why I'm trying to transform this cut to a perpendicular one. Second picture explains what I am trying to achieve.

    straightening the angled cut
  • 2. Johannes (Dec 08, 2010 20.01):


    there are a lot of questions... the easiest way is to produce the volume in the first script like you want it to be.
    do you have any informations from the first script which you can use? something like the edge points, srf id's,...?
    how do you produce the elements in the previous script?


  • 1. mojatamnastrana (Dec 08, 2010 19.40):


    I'm trying to make a script that resolves the problem shown in an image. I have an angular cut that I got from past iteration of some previous scripts I made, and I need to make it perpendicular to the surface like shown in an image.

    I thought of doing this by projecting one of the two largest faces one to another, trimming the resulting one and extruding the surface again. But I don't know exactly how to do this, I'm relatively new to rhinoscript. How to separate those two biggest faces of a polysurface, erase everything else, project one on the another and have only one face left which I can extrude?

    Any help or suggestion would be very valuable to me.

    Thank you in advance


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