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RhinoScript – filesystemobject linehandling


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  • 7. powerpp (Nov 21, 2010 11.18):

    I need a pointcloud because above 1 Mio points using single points is overkill :) Maybe it can be easy done with the c++ sdk.

  • 6. Johannes (Nov 21, 2010 02.02):

    i don't know a way to color a point cloud in idfferent colors because rhino handles a point cloud like one object with a single identifier.

    why do you use a point cloud? if you want to change the color... use points.

    almost everything is possible! if you found a way to color points of a cloud... tell us! ;)

  • 5. powerpp (Nov 20, 2010 23.30):

    I will change the textfile if I don't find out.
    But there is another question in my head...
    Just because you said almost anything is possible :)
    It would be realy(!) great to be able to color the points of a pointcloud in different colors. I know some plugins can do that - but how could I do?
    Maybe there is a free plugin and I can use getpluginobject - even if I dont know how to use this method exactly.

    Greets and thanks!

  • 4. Johannes (Nov 20, 2010 20.03):

    how do you generate the text file? if you have the opportunity to set , instead of . and another letter to sepperate the coordinates instead of using , it would be the easiest way...

    but i don't really know why the . is not working. i have a german system with an english rhino version and it works fine with 0.4 .

    i just know that it is possible to change both letters (,.) in the registry that you can make a . with your numpad... but i think google knows more about it ;)

  • 3. powerpp (Nov 20, 2010 19.38):

    Thank you! That saved me a lot of time :)
    I just have a problem I also found asking Google - but no satisfying solution: Depending on the language settings on my System (german) I get 4 for 0.4 - and 0.4 only for 0,4 using CDbl. Do I Have i to replace "." with "," in the generated array or is there maybe a smarter way?


  • 2. Johannes (Nov 20, 2010 17.22):

    almost anything is possible!
    try the Split() function to split your string at a specific letter (/ and ,) and the Cdbl() function to convert the string into a numeric value.

            Dim testString          : testString    = "0.4, 6.1, 6.4 / 123"
            ' Split() Function
            Dim arrResult01 : arrResult01   = Split(testSTring, "/")
            Dim arrResult02 : arrResult02   = Split(arrResult01(0), ",")
            ' CDbl() Function converts an expression to the data type double
            arrResult02(0) = CDbl(arrResult02(0))
            arrResult02(1) = CDbl(arrResult02(1))
            arrResult02(2) = CDbl(arrResult02(2))
            ' you need hannos array library for the following code...
            'Call array_print (arrResult01)
            'Call array_print (arrResult02) 
            Call Rhino.AddPoint(arrResult02)
            Call Msgbox("snd value: " & arrResult01(1))
  • 1. powerpp (Nov 20, 2010 15.38):


    if i read a file using filesystemobjects readline method, is there an easy way to split the string in rhinoscript or using another method?
    For example i have lines like this in my textfile:
    0.4, 6.1, 6.4 / 123

    or similar. And i would like to read the first three values into a jagged point array and the value after the / into a separate array.
    I don't wont to use read(20) or something like this, because number of digits should not be fixed.

    Thanks for your time!



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