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RhinoScript – C# or C++ Code and Rhinoscript


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  • 5. powerpp (Nov 20, 2010 15.31):


  • 4. Johannes (Nov 19, 2010 19.57):

    .NET SDK
    The new Rhino 4.0 .NET SDK allows you to customize and extend Rhino using any .NET 2.0 language including Microsoft's Visual Basic 2005, Visual C# 2005, and the free Microsoft Visual Studio Express Editions. It provides direct access to Rhino's database structures, native command definition, and more.

  • 3. powerpp (Nov 19, 2010 16.47):

    Thanks for your help! I think I read somewhere, that its only possible to create Rhinoplugins with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, not express - is this true?
    But I anyway decided to try getting the maximum out of Rhinoscript first.


  • 2. Hanno (Nov 15, 2010 11.50):


    you can make you .NET plugin provide a custom plugin object that can be accessed from RhinoScript. You have to implement MRhinoUtilityPlugin.GetPlugInObjectInterface and make your .NET application COM-visible.

    Have a look at this page:



  • 1. powerpp (Nov 14, 2010 15.00):


    does anyone know if there is a way to source out some code and use c++ or c# code for computationally intensive processes? As i knew rhinoscript is written using the C++ SDK. I am trying to sort the realations between C++ SDK, rhinoscript plugin (dotnet dll, rhp?), vbscript, and their possibilities.

    Thanks for your time and maybe you can help!



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