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RhinoScript – circle around an array of points


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  • 7. new1 (Feb 28, 2011 11.37):

    isnĀ“t it possible to use the command of rhino. addvcircle3pt

    but instead of selecting these points manually , they should be selected automatically .

  • 6. Johannes (Dec 10, 2010 08.33):


    move the plane in a loop to the point(i) (rhino.moveplane(plane, origin)) and add a circle with the moved plane and a radius (rhino.addcircle(plane, radius)).


  • 5. new1 (Dec 10, 2010 00.42):


    i have a plane with an array of points and want to add on each point a circle. the point should then be the centerpoint. how can i do this without selecting each point seperately?


  • 4. Hanno (Nov 09, 2010 09.29):


    you don't need to actually draw the plane. You need the geometric definition of a plane (which is what Johannes shows below).


  • 3. coebergh (Nov 08, 2010 21.47):


    Yes but I was trying to avoid the plane :) I have an array of points on a curve and i want to draw a circle around all of those points. theres no easier way without drawing planes and deleting them after?


  • 2. Johannes (Nov 08, 2010 17.37):


    the function Rhino.AddCircle() needs a plane where the circle lies on.
    A plane is defined by three coordinates:
    1. The Origin of the plane
    2. First direction
    3. Second direction

    Dim arrPlane
    arrPlane = Rhino.WorldXYPlane()
    Call Rhino.AddCircle (arrPlane, 5.0)

    The center of your circle lies on the origin of the plane you use.

  • 1. coebergh (Nov 08, 2010 15.53):


    I'm fairly new to scripting. And started off with rhinoscript.

    My question was if i can draw circles around points with the addcircle function.

    So anything like:

    Rhino.AddCircle arrPts2, 5.0

    Where arrPts2 is an array of points I've created in dividing a curve in an x amount of parts. I thought using a loop to draw a circle around each point but i cant get it working.



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