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RhinoScript – export imported meshes in importing order


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  • 2. Hanno (Oct 25, 2010 14.48):


    the documentation for Rhino.ObjectsByType (I guess that is what you were talking of) does not define any order, so you should assume the list is not sorted at all.
    You can iterate through the objects in creation order by using FirstObject, NextObject and LastObject and filter for meshes using ObjectType. This should do what you need.



  • 1. delgados (Oct 22, 2010 20.58):

    Hi, i have create a file type which contains meshes info and i import them with my own script, now i need to export the imported meshes toa new file in the same order there were in the imported file, so i need to export them in the order they were created, i have used
    Rhino.ObjectType (strObject)

    thinking that the arrya of meshes i obtain with this sentence would be order by creation order, but it doesn´t
    how can i do what i need?


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