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RhinoScript – How to define Integral in Rhino?


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  • 3. xavido (Oct 16, 2010 09.51):

    Of course, you got to derivate the functions first though

  • 2. xavido (Oct 14, 2010 19.57):

    Actually this is not a Rhinoscript problem but a math one:

    An integral is a rest so in this case X would be cosL^2 while Y would be sinL^2.


  • 1. jianqiu (Oct 07, 2010 18.58):

    Since I was working on the Euler Spiral, I got this problem about this equation, it has a Integral in it, please check out the attachment.

    I'm wondering how to define a Integral in Rhino?

    How to define Integral in Rhino?

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