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RhinoScript – Problem with Boolean + Meshes


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  • 2. Michi.Rauch (Aug 26, 2010 19.58):

    I have found a solution!!

    Now I want to creat a toolbar.
    Perhaps somebody knows how it works,
    I havent't found an instruction yet.


  • 1. Michi.Rauch (Aug 26, 2010 12.45):

    I'm a beginner in Rhino script.
    I want to intersect some objects in rhino.
    It works if I select them by hand.
    In the script, I save all bars in an array called bars,
    it is possible to select the first or second bar, but the function
    Booleanintersection doesn't work.
    I hope somebody knows my mistake in the code, I guess ther's something wrong with my array.

    Option Explicit

    Call intersecting_bars()

    Sub intersecting_bars()

    Dim bars
        bars = Rhino.GetObjects ("Select the Objects")  
    Dim i

    Dim j
    Dim current_bar
    Dim next_bar
            current_bar = bars(i)
            next_bar = bars(j)
            'Rhino.selectobject (current_bar)
            'hino.selectobject (next_bar)      
            'If IsArray (current_bar)Then    
            Rhino.BooleanIntersection current_bar, next_bar
            'end if
    End Sub

    And perhaps somebody has a solution for my second problem. I want to create a script, which generates the axis and the connection of the axis from a 3-D Modell with bars. This can be exported to RStab etc. for the structural analyses. Therefor I also need the script above to find out, where the bars intersect. Creating Axis works for objects like boxes..., but not for meshes. Is there a possibility, to create areas from meshes where I can find out the area centroid? Perhaps there also exists a possibility to converte a mesh back to a box?



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