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RhinoScript – Protecting Source Code


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  • 2. Hanno (Jul 27, 2010 17.55):


    don't you think it's a bit funny to ask this question on a site that uses bringing open source to architecture & design as its tagline?

    First of all, open source and commercial utilization don't exclude each other. You might have to set up different licensing/support models, though.

    Then, even if you want to sell your plugin as proprietary software, what do you want to achieve by obfuscating your code? Why should people that buy your plugin not be able to see the source code? It won't prevent them from copying the program, if that's what you fear.

    Just my 2 cents


  • 1. jonjon (Jul 26, 2010 23.28):

    If I make a rhino plug-in using RhinoScript, is it possible to protect the source code? In other words is it possible to hide the coding of rhinoscript if I want to commercialize the plug-in?


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