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RhinoScript – unexpected 'Next'


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  • 3. clausneergaard (Jul 15, 2010 16.27):

    ahh ... of course. thanks, Hanno! very much appreciated!

    in the details. always in the details.

  • 2. Hanno (Jul 15, 2010 11.17):


    the devil is in the details: In VBScript there is the Keyword ElseIf that lets you create if-clauses with multiple sets of conditions. With your use of Else If you are opening new If-Clauses within your Else-blocks, meaning that you need the same amout of End If s afterwards.

    So if you take out these spaces, it should work...


  • 1. clausneergaard (Jul 14, 2010 23.51):


    I'm wondering why this happens .. I'm relatively new to rhino scripting, so I'm a bit confused as to why I get a unexpected 'Next' compiling error, when running this code?

    thanks in advance!

    Option Explicit
    ' script written by Claus, july 2010

    Call Main()
    Sub Main()

            Dim i, count
            Dim dblDist
            Dim strExplodeSrfs, strPts
            Dim arrSrfCentroidPts, arrSrfPts, arrSrfPlane, arrPts
            ' user input
            Dim strBox : strBox = Rhino.GetObject("select box", 16)
            If IsNull(strBox) Then Exit Sub
            Dim intPts : intPts = Rhino.GetInteger("how many points?", 100, 20, 1000)
            If IsNull(intPts) Then Exit Sub
            Dim arrBBox : arrBBox = Rhino.BoundingBox(strBox)
            If IsNull(arrBbox) Then Exit Sub
            ' get distances, so random pts can be created within specified boundary
            Dim dblDistX : dblDistX = Rhino.Distance(arrBBox(0),arrBBox(1))
            Dim dblDistY : dblDistY = Rhino.Distance(arrBBox(0),arrBBox(3))
            Dim dblDistZ : dblDistZ = Rhino.Distance(arrBBox(0),arrBBox(4))
            ' resize arrays
            count = 0
            ReDim arrSrfCentroidPts(count)
            ReDim arrSrfPlane(count)
            ReDim strPts(intPts)
            ReDim dblDist(intPts)
            ReDim arrPts(intPts)
            ' create random pts
            For i = 0 To intPts Step 1
                    strPts(i) = Rhino.AddPoint(Array(Rnd*dblDistX+arrBBox(0)(0),Rnd*dblDistY+arrBBox(0)(1),Rnd*dblDistZ+arrBBox(0)(2)))
            ' explode box and get closest surface to each pt
            strExplodeSrfs = Rhino.ExplodePolysurfaces(strBox, False)
            ' this loop creates planes for each vertical surface and adds text dot with number
            For i = 0 To UBound(strExplodeSrfs) Step 1
                    ' resize array
                    ReDim Preserve arrSrfCentroidPts(count)
                    ReDim Preserve arrSrfPlane(count)
                    ' get four corner pts from each srf
                    arrSrfPts = Rhino.SurfacePoints(strExplodeSrfs(i))
                    ' create plane based on three of the srf corner pts
                    arrSrfPlane(count) = Rhino.PlaneFromPoints(arrSrfPts(0), arrSrfPts(1), arrSrfPts(2))
                    ' get centroid from each srf
                    arrSrfCentroidPts(count) = Rhino.SurfaceAreaCentroid(strExplodeSrfs(i))
                    ' add text dot to each srf
                    Call Rhino.AddTextDot("srf" & i, arrSrfCentroidPts(i)(0))
                    ' redim counter
                    count = count+1
            ' distance to planes (uses planes from above loop)
            For i = 0 To UBound(strPts)
                    ' get point coordinates
                    arrPts(i) = Rhino.PointCoordinates(strPts(i))
                    ' get distances to vertical planes from pts
                    dblDist(i)(0) = Rhino.DistanceToPlane(arrSrfPlane(0), arrPts(i))
                    dblDist(i)(1) = Rhino.DistanceToPlane(arrSrfPlane(1), arrPts(i))
                    dblDist(i)(2) = Rhino.DistanceToPlane(arrSrfPlane(2), arrPts(i))
                    dblDist(i)(3) = Rhino.DistanceToPlane(arrSrfPlane(3), arrPts(i))
                    If IsPoint(arrPts(i)) Then
                            ' if statement deciding which plane to interact with each pt
                            If dblDist(i)(0) > dblDist(i)(1) And dblDist(i)(0) > dblDist(i)(2) And dblDist(i)(0) > dblDist(i)(3) Then
                                    ' plane0
                                    Rhino.AddLine arrPts(i), arrSrfCentroidPts(0)
                            Else If dblDist(i)(1) > dblDist(i)(0) And  dblDist(i)(1) > dblDist(i)(2) And dblDist(i)(1) > dblDist(i)(3) Then
                                    ' plane1
                                    Rhino.AddLine arrPts(i), arrSrfCentroidPts(1)
                            Else If dblDist(i)(2) > dblDist(i)(0) And  dblDist(i)(2) > dblDist(i)(1) And dblDist(i)(2) > dblDist(i)(3) Then
                                    ' plane2
                                    Rhino.AddLine arrPts(i), arrSrfCentroidPts(2)
                            Else If dblDist(i)(3) > dblDist(i)(0) And  dblDist(i)(3) > dblDist(i)(1) And dblDist(i)(3) > dblDist(i)(2) Then
                                    ' plane3
                                    Rhino.AddLine arrPts(i), arrSrfCentroidPts(3)
                            End If 
                            ' add sphere
                            Rhino.AddSphere arrPts(i), dblDist(i)/2
                    End If
    End Sub

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