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RhinoScript – select points


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  • 3. tovarna (Aug 14, 2008 12.42):

    well, i am trying it with grasshopper.
    i just got some points from an intersection between curves and planes. now i want to draw curves between those which have same "x" value. so i tried decompose x, y and z components and i guess i should list them or range...not clear. so when i give up with grasshopper, i will try by script. thanks Hanno, you are always there!

  • 2. Hanno (Aug 14, 2008 11.49):

    Hey tovarna,

    asking is part of studying, so there is no problem with asking at all - sometimes there are no answers, though :-)

    Have you made progress or are you still stuck at the same problem?



  • 1. tovarna (Aug 11, 2008 13.42):

    i am trying grasshopper and scriptng at the same time. i am trying to develop a grasshopper file to do this:

    i just got the points, but would need to choose the points in the same x coordinate, y coordinate... anyone whoes an easy script for that?
    by the way, if you feel i should study more before asking so much, just tell me. i am doing my best


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