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RhinoScript – different UV-division / unterschiedliche uv-aufteilung


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  • 2. Johannes (Jun 25, 2010 20.47):


    there are several ways to solve that problem.
    the most easiest one is to move the control points of that surface in your rhino model (see image). but it will change the geometry.

    the other one is to set the u and v domain to 0-1 (reparameterize) and work with a script.

    - put random values from 0-1 in two arrays (size of u/v division)
    - sort the arrays from low to high (hanno's array library)
    - go through a nested loop and get the surface points:

            For i = 0 To intU
                    For j = 0 To intV
                            arrPoint = Rhino.EvaluateSurface(strSRf, array(dblParamU(i), dblParamV(j)))
                            Call Rhino.AddPoint(arrPoint)


    different UV-division / unterschiedliche uv-aufteilung
  • 1. NiMda (Jun 25, 2010 19.32):

    how can you divide a surface in different uv direction? the result has to be a surface which is divide in different widths. (look at the picture)


    wie kann ich eine surface in unterschiedliche uv richtung aufteilen, sodass ich z.b. unterschiedlich breite streifen auf der fl├Ąche bekomme? (s. bild)


    greets NiMda


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