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RhinoScript – How to access or show in an array from Rhino menu


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  • 5. Ning (Jun 11, 2010 17.30):


    Thank you again for your detailed advice.

    I am looking at your code NClosestPoint as it is very useful for me. However I did put a question about your code. Could you please take a look at it? Thank you so much.

    Best wishes


  • 4. Johannes (Jun 11, 2010 16.56):

    hi ning,

    ok. there are some ways to take a look into the code during the process...
    the first is to print out one data set with the
    1. Rhino.PrintEx("your data") - prints one variable out in the command line...
    2. Rhino.Msgbox("your data") - the same but in a message box.
    the problem is that you can only print out one information and not a whole array structure.
    but you can find in hanno's array libary a function for it. it's called array_print(). It's prints out the whole data structure into the command line of rhino...

    you will find it here:
    just load that lib and all included functions are availible up to next restart of rhino...


  • 3. Ning (Jun 11, 2010 15.03):


    Thank you for your comment again. Let me to clarify my target here.

    I normally use Grasshopper to handle models. Unfortunately some functions of Grasshopper have limit of node number, which forces me to make my own codes. However, I do hope I can jump in and back between my code and Rhino (even with Grasshopper).

    In my this question, I am lookig for a similar function like LIST to show a table so that I am able to check values of the array in Rhino during the code development. By the way, I can exchange data between several different programs.

    Actually I am even wondering if Rhino can show me the code somewhere corresponding to the manu operation I am doing. Some programs provide the very useful function.

    I do appreciate your kind help, in paricular some simple questions that a lot people would not like to talk with.

    Best wishes


  • 2. Johannes (Jun 11, 2010 14.45):

    hi ning,

    what do you mean with rhino menu... do you want to make a makro, button,... ?
    we work with vbscript because there is no menu for it.

    example to acces your array:

    maybe take a look on 'more dimensional arrays' or 'nested arrays'...


  • 1. Ning (Jun 11, 2010 13.59):

    Hi, there

    I use the code to produce an array (23000 X 6). The first three items of each row are coordinate values, the other has their physical meanings.

    However, I have no idea how to access the array from Rhino menu.Could you please give me some help? Thanks.




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