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RhinoScript – create a toolbar


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  • 8. Arrow.111 (Aug 16, 2011 02.57):

    Thank you very much for hints!
    Grate, migration working!


  • 7. ledisnomad (Aug 13, 2011 18.17):

    Hey, Rob. I don't have Rhino on this computer right now, but if you type "Toolbar" the toolbar dialog should come up. You'll see any toolbars you've created and you can File > Save them here. Note where you saved them and then you can simply copy that filename.tb to another computer, type "Toolbar" and File > Load it from this dialog box. Hope that helps!

  • 6. Arrow.111 (Aug 12, 2011 20.51):

    Hi dear isg
    Is it possible to migrate from PC to PC new created buttons?
    If yes, how? You are kindly asked to show link to any Rhino documentation about this certain action and detailed step by step operation if it is really possible to migrate. Unfortunately I did not found anything, anywhere about it .
    Thanks in advance for help

  • 5. ledisnomad (Aug 20, 2008 23.25):

    Thanks, isg! I got it working with your help.

  • 4. isg (Aug 20, 2008 22.03):

    opps. meant to write Shift+LMB to delete a button!

  • 3. isg (Aug 20, 2008 21.10):

    you can find the add button for the toolbar from :
    "Tools>Toolbar Layout" and then in the window that pops up go to : "Toolbar>Add Button.."

    also to delete a button, hold Shift+Right Mouse Button and drag the button off the toolbar

  • 2. Hanno (Aug 10, 2008 11.30):


    Your loadscript command looks good and you definitely do not need to change your script.
    But unfortunately I don't know anything about the toolbar dialog, maybe someone else can help?

  • 1. ledisnomad (Aug 08, 2008 20.14):

    I'd like to make my own toolbar for running scripts. When I create a new toolbar in the Toolbar dialog, it won't let me add buttons to it. I've looked through the help and on the web, but this seemingly simple task eludes me.

    Also, should this be a valid macro for the button?

    -_LoadScript "C:\scripts\MyScript.rvb"

    And then do I need to omit "Option Explicit" or the "Call MyScript()" lines?


Why are these buttons gray?