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RhinoScript – How can I modify object's properties?


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  • 3. jordiweb (Jun 07, 2010 22.02):

    Hi, Hanno.
    Nothing about the light power-property, unfortunately.
    I'll try with other methods.
    Thank you very much.

  • 2. Hanno (May 29, 2010 11.25):


    you can edit material and lighting properties via RhinoScript, just have a look at material methods and light methods in the RhinoScript help.
    I have not worked with those so far, though.


  • 1. jordiweb (May 27, 2010 22.42):

    Hi everybody,
    How can I change an object's property via rhinoscript?

    I mean: can I modify the power of a light, the material assigned to an object ... and so on ... can I ?

    Thank you very much!


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