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RhinoScript – this week goal


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  • 2. Hanno (Aug 10, 2008 11.45):

    Hi tovarna,

    panelization of curved surfaces is a large topic... the KPF project you show is quite sophisticated and was definitely not done while learning scripting :-)

    I'm not very familiar with these rhino paneling tools, but as far as I know they are just very basic paneling methods. So I don't think there is a function in these tools that tells you how many different panels you have. Again, your example project was not done with such simple tools but with an self-developed, complex algorithm!

    But I don't want to disencourage you, keep playing and trying!



  • 1. tovarna (Aug 08, 2008 16.37):

    my goal is learning how to divide a curved surface into panels. not such problem, don't you think? but i want to minimize the number of panels and maximum size (also minimum)...
    i just seen
    and, in some way, that could be a starting point. i am trying with
    but i can't still know how many of them are diferent, or if it is even posible to choose number of sides of the panels.
    do i explain correctly?
    i will keep "playing".
    thanks everybody


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