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RhinoScript – how to mimic the Rhino "Drape" command


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  • 1. benjamin_golder (Mar 29, 2010 00.42):

    I am trying to automate the Rhino "Drape" command on a series of models, and there doesn't seem to be an existing rhinoscript method for draping. I am somewhat new to rhinoscript, but I've done a little VB.NET and tons of grasshopper. So there are two possibilities for doing it, that I can see:

    find a way to input a couple of mouse clicks as part of a macro that calls on the drape command (currently it asks the user to draw a rectangle).

    create an array of points within a specified rectangle
    draw vertical lines from each of them.
    find the highest intersection between each line and all possible BReps.
    Use these intersections to create a surface from grid of points.
    (This technique seems really bulky)

    Any advice? Any ideas on how to keep it small and fast? All help is appreciated. Thanks.


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