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RhinoScript – colouring lines


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  • 5. trojax (Mar 18, 2010 14.53):

    Thank you,
    for some reason, I had forgotten the outer brakets...

  • 4. Johannes (Mar 18, 2010 13.00):


    the following code example should show you how the objectcolor works:

    Dim strLine, arrStart, arrEnd
    arrStart = Rhino.GetPoint("pick startpoint")
    arrEnd   = Rhino.GetPoint("pick endpoint")
    strLine = Rhino.AddLine(arrStart, arrEnd)
    Call Rhino.ObjectColor(strLine, RGB(255,0,0))

    for further information take a look at the rhinoscript help. there is a code example and description for every function.


  • 3. trojax (Mar 18, 2010 11.41):

    Oh, sorry, this wasn't too hard to find out...

    Which kind of variable does Rhino.Object color take, or how would a command look like that changes a color to red?

  • 2. Hanno (Mar 18, 2010 10.56):

    I would try Rhino.ObjectColor :-)

  • 1. trojax (Mar 18, 2010 10.36):

    Hi everybody,

    I've got a simple line (or polyline) in my rhino document an would like to give it a colour (red in this case).

    Is there any possibility of doing this with rhinoscript?

    Thank you very much!



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