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RhinoScript – Fillet edges of solid with a script


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  • 4. Van Willsie (Mar 07, 2010 20.18):

    Hi Mark,

    In my case the cross section curve was tangent at least at the start of the sweep becuase it was made with edges of the two surfaces. It may be better to use multiple curves, or at least one at each end of the sweep.


  • 3. markE (Mar 07, 2010 19.40):

    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for your answer, I have asked Dale at Rhino also and received similar advice. Dale suggested making a curve by offset.

    With the sweep, is it possible to maintain tangency with the edges of the surfaces?

    I can see the sweep method working for extruded and plainer surfaces, but I am having a difficulty how it might work if the surfaces had compound curvature,

    Thanks again, Mark

  • 2. Van Willsie (Mar 07, 2010 19.15):

    Hi Mark,

    For the moment some selections must be done with a mouse click and can not be scripted. To avoid this problem I used a set of more primative steps. For example, a surface fillet can be done like this;

    1. Create a gap between the two surfaces such as with a split or move.
    2. Create a blend curve between edge curves of the two surfaces.
    3. Use the blend curve to sweep out a surface using the two edge curves that define the gap between the surfaces.

    The secret I think, is to replace high level functions with more primative steps using only objects that can be selected in a scrip. So, for a solid it may make sense to work only with surfaces, avoiding the "solid" command set.


  • 1. markE (Mar 03, 2010 18.11):

    Hi all

    I would am working on some scripts to build simple objects through numeric user input and then the solid or surfaces would be build by the script.

    For example a table top. The user would give a length, width and thickness. A script either creates the curve for the plan view or retrieves one from a file. The script extrudes the curve as a solid (or surfaces).

    My problem, how would I fillet the edges without user input?

    Thanks, Mark


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