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RhinoScript – Set the renderer Plugin


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  • 5. Hanno (Feb 11, 2010 19.43):

    Hmm, that must be something else. At least on my machine it does work with Brazil...

  • 4. trojax (Feb 11, 2010 19.32):

    Hi Hanno,

    at first: thank you for your answer.
    But if I try to set "Brazil for Rhino" (as is the output from rhino when i read the default renderer with rhino.defaultrenderer), Rhino crahshes...

  • 3. Hanno (Feb 11, 2010 19.02):


    instead of the ID you can also use the name of the rendering plugin, e.g. "Rhino Render".



  • 2. trojax (Feb 09, 2010 14.39):

    Now I've got a (I hope it's a solution) solution:

    Rhino.Command "_SetCurrentRenderPlugin " & "66d400a8-0d44-4511-a9d6-613a4b6e0371"

    But the real question is: Is this number always the right one? Or how do i get it?

  • 1. trojax (Feb 09, 2010 14.29):

    Hi everybody.
    I need to check if the current renderer is Brazil. This should work with the

    Rhino.DefaultRenderer command.

    When I'm doing (and Brazil is the default Renderer)

    Rhino.Messagebox Rhino.DefaultRenderer

    the output ist "Brazil for Rhino". But everytime I try to set it as the default renderer with the command

    Rhino.DefaultRenderer ("Brazil for Rhino")

    Rhino crashes. Does anyone know how to set the default renderer to Brazil without crashing?


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