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RhinoScript – how to determine amplitudes of any curve


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  • 3. pradeep (Apr 06, 2011 12.09):

    Write the script of maximum point and minimum point on the curve

  • 2. fabian (Feb 07, 2010 17.04):

    Hi Andy,

    When you are looking for the "amplitude" of a curve or curve point, you should define a reference line first, which defines the amplitude of zero. Usually, this would be a straight line, but that won't work in your example.

    You could try to generate an extremely faired copy of the original curve (FairCurve) and then find the points with maximum distance between the faired curve and the original. If you split both curves at their intersection points you can probably use CurveDeviation to find this point for every segment.

    A mathematically more robust way would be to find the points with zero curvature (=where the curve changes from left-turning to right-turning or has a flat spot), split the curve at those points and then find the point with maximum curvature in every segment. Although for the third point in your example, this would probably give a different result.


  • 1. Andy70182 (Jan 29, 2010 19.20):


    how can i determine the amplitude, or highest point of a curve?
    lets say two arcs are combined:
    (so i try to explain this mathematical phenomena in normal words, so you know what im talking about, and i cant explain it mathmatically correct..)

    the curve of the first arc rises until it reaches the amplitude and then its falling, phasechange, and then the same phenomena appears, but mirrored...

    if the arcs are similar, just a copied mirror, than its easy...
    but what if theyre not

    how can i determine these points? have look at the picture so you know what i mean



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