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RhinoScript – Export all objects from the scene


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  • 4. exvion (May 05, 2010 10.55):

    Dim arrObjects, strObject
    arrObjects = Rhino.AllObjects
    If IsArray(arrObjects) Then
    For Each strObject In arrObjects
    Rhino.Print "Object identifier: " & strObject
    End If[...]

  • 3. havana7 (Jan 31, 2010 13.15):

    I have the same problem. Someone can give me some help?

  • 2. delgados (Jan 28, 2010 12.50):

    It is solved, donĀ“t worry about it

  • 1. delgados (Jan 27, 2010 13.43):

    Hi, i have created a simple text file format that has the info of the vertex and indices of meshes.

    I am trying to export all the meshes that are in the scene to one of this text files, but i have the next problem, the only function that allows me to have access to the objects ask me for select the objects manually(getobjects) but what i need is that autmatically the script gives me access to the data of all meshes to export it to my text file


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