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RhinoScript – Export curves/outlines as seperated 2d-Images?


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  • 1. tiberius (Jan 26, 2010 18.35):


    I'm working on a project where I'm starting in rhino with 'curve from object > contour' to get my outlines from my 3d-model - Ok. great. Now I want to export each contour from its top view as an eg. jpg. in the right order automatically.

    I found several solutions(scripts) to export layer-based objects as eg. 3ds files. But my curves are on the same layer ;-( Another idea was to export the curves as an Illustrator file and to batch export the paths(curves) as eg. jpg. Unfortunately I have the same problem with illustrator because there is just one layer with all my paths in it and all scripts are layers based ;-(

    So I'm looking for a automatic way to put every curve in its own layer to export as illustrator file or any other solution to export my curves as 2d images...

    I really would appreciate an idea or hint!



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