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RhinoScript – script request: "watch folder"


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  • 1. andrewjohn81 (Jan 18, 2010 16.07):

    I could probably make this myself, but since it's for work I thought I'd ask to see if anyone else wanted to make it for us.
    I'm sure I could get someone to pay a small amount for it, and for some of you, this task wouldn't be too difficult.

    I need rhino to watch a certain folder, open a step file, do some other actions listed below, save the new file, then move the file it worked on to a new folder (so you know it's done with that one). Then it should move on to the next file. If no files exist, it just periodically checks again.

    Both folder location and time interval can just be directly in the script, but it could ask each time you first run the script. It doesn't matter to me.

    I actually have the rest of the script, although I am not a programmer so my code may kind of suck, that does the following. step file
    ..explode all block instances (but not exploding joined surfaces from each other)
    ..purge block instances
    ..shade all objects (this should be easy to remove. Some files, this might be a bad idea)
    ..remove duplicate objects

    Let me know if you are interested in taking this on. I can provide most of the code needed for getting rid of the block instances and all that. Although, if you can do the first part, that stuff will probably only take you a few minutes and your code may be more efficient than mine as well.
    Let me know what kind of cost may be involved and I'll see if we can get that worked out as well.
    Note: As we are a big company, unless you accept credit card (not through paypal) it may take about 3 months to actually receive a check after an invoice is created. Sorry, they won't let us do paypal with our corporate card.


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