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RhinoScript – Findding lowest po?nt(to Z plane) of any object


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  • 3. fabian (Feb 07, 2010 09.43):


    if you only need the lowest z-coordinate:
    - get a bounding box around the object with Rhino.BoundingBox
    - take the z-coordinate of the first point in the bounding-box-array

    if you need the actual geometry, where the object is "lowest":
    - also geta bounding-box around the object
    - create a planar surface from the first four points of the bounding box (that is the "floor" of the bounding box) with Rhino.AddSrfPt
    - do a boolean intersection of this surface with the object.
    - the result is an array of all points and curves where the objects touches the floor of the bounding box. if you're lucky, it only contains one point.


  • 2. Hanno (Dec 19, 2009 13.46):


    Do you want to have the lowest control point, or the lowest point being on the object?
    For control points, you simply call SurfacePoints to get the control points and then search for the one with lowest Z coordinate.

    The other case is more difficult, because there is not really a defined point on the spot you are searching for.
    You could for example take a point that is some magnitudes away in negative z direction and then use SurfaceClosestPoint to find the next point on the surface. If your test point is far enough away, this should be the lowest point. Just an idea, maybe someone has another.



  • 1. tafo (Dec 15, 2009 15.22):

    Hi Everyone again!
    I want to f?nd lowest po?nt( lowest Z coord?nat) of the any object ( for example closed polysurface).Yes we can use _l?st command or objectdump method and we can check vertex deta?l from whereever we want (msgbox, textw?ndow) but ? don't want my scr?pt ?s ?nterrupted .Can I take these vertex coord?nat and compare between itself and can ? f?nd lowest po?nt of object ? or has rh?no a s?mple way for ?t ?

    Thank you for your help already !!


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