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RhinoScript – "_hydrostatics" command script


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  • 2. Hanno (Dec 19, 2009 13.40):


    for highly specialized commands like hydrostatics there is often no RhinoScirpt method. You can use Rhino.Command in this case to start arbitrary rhino commands from RhinoScript.
    And generally you can use the hyphen as prefix for any rhino command (-_hydrostatics) to prevent dialogs and make all options available on the command line. In the case of hydrostatics, you can choose where to put the results (file, clipboard, etc.).

    Hope that helps!


  • 1. tafo (Dec 15, 2009 13.09):

    1) I want to know how can ? find "_hydrostatics" rhino command script ?
    2) When use "_hydrostatics" command results comes in text window (? think textout methot) but ? want use results direct in my script .But ? could't.

    thank you for your help already !!


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