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RhinoScript – Move Curve Start/Endpoint


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  • 4. Hanno (Dec 21, 2009 09.08):


    thanks for the code, that's indeed the better solution. Didn't know these objectGrip-methods exist (never needed them so far :-)



  • 3. M.Kuhn (Dec 21, 2009 08.45):

    Hi Hanno,

    thx for your answer, but i've solved it another way. I first tried the same as you, creating a new curve, but that way i created my self some serious problems after the "movement" so i decided i must move the curve, not draw a new one. Here is my code, just in case anybody else has the same problem:

    Rhino.EnableObjectGrips(strTempCurve)  'grips are activated
    Rhino.SelectObjectGrip strTempCurve, 0 'grip "0" is default selected
    GripLocation = Rhino.ObjectGripLocation(strTempCurve, 0) 'get grip coordinates
    bolErg = Rhino.PointCompare(GripLocation,ArrTempItemSP) 'in that case i wanna move the startpoint so i have to compare the grip coordinates and the startpoint coordinates of the chosen line to know wich (grip)point is selected, cuz i dont know if 0 is the start- or the endpoint of the line
    If bolerg = True  Then                                     Rhino.ObjectGripLocation strTempCurve, 0, ArrActiveItemSP  
    Else Rhino.ObjectGripLocation strTempCurve, 1, ArrActiveItemSP  'here i move the point from its actual position to its new position
    End If
    Rhino.EnableObjectGrips strTempCurve , False 'deactivate grips

    Hope i can help anybody alse with this pice of code...

  • 2. Hanno (Dec 19, 2009 13.32):


    if you still need an answer:

    rhino.curvestartpoint returns the coordinates of the point, not some kind of reference to the actual curve start, so you can only use it to read the point coordinates.

    If you want to move the start point on the existing curve, you can use TrimCurve or ExtendCurve. If you want to move it somewhere else, you will need to create a new curve (you could use CurvePoints to get the control points and use these for your new curve).

    Hope that helps, good luck learning RhinoScript!


  • 1. M.Kuhn (Dec 11, 2009 09.48):

    Hi everybody,

    i'm new to rhinoscipt and i'm trying to make my first script. After i was reading the "RhinoScript101" i thought i would be easy to make my own stuff, but what should i say..... its not! ;-) So hopefully anybody here can help me.

    Is it possible to move the Start/Endpoint of a given curve (Line)!? I've tried several things but non of them worked...

    StrTempCurve is the curve which point(s) should be moved
    ArrTempItempSP is the current EndPoint of the curve
    ArrActiveItemSP is the new location for the EndPoint

    Rhino.move (Rhino.CurveStartPoint(strTempCurve),ArrTempItemSP,ArrActiveItemSP)


    Set (Rhino.CurveStartPoint(strTempCurve) = ArrActiveItemSP


    (Rhino.CurveStartPoint(strTempCurve) = ArrActiveItemSP


    and now i have no idea what else i can do...!


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