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RhinoScript – Some Life in Rhino


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  • 3. _aLinG_ (Aug 07, 2008 10.36):

    I see. You are right, changing the points position makes script works perfectly :)

    Thanks for your answer :)

  • 2. ivo (Aug 06, 2008 10.43):

    Hi there,

    thank you for your interest. in the beginning of the script you will see a variable called arrField. it is the the field (playground) of the game of life. the dimension of the field is 100 by 100. you might change it, but keep in mind, that a larger field requires more memory and more computing force.

    the error you discribe, is probable due to the fact that you initialize the script with points that are outside that field. make sure that all the points are situated within the range of respectively x0 to x99 and y0 to y99.

  • 1. _aLinG_ (Aug 05, 2008 19.59):

    I have some problems running the script.

    First it give to me an error that i have solved in line 220 because a sintax error in line 219: "arrobs = r hino.AllObjects"

    But when I solve that problem another one appear in line 222 char 2: " Subindex out of interval 'CInt(...)'"

    Anyone knows how to solve it?

    Best Regards.


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