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RhinoScript – Check Path


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  • 3. typicalrude (Nov 23, 2009 14.43):

    Works great!

  • 2. Johannes (Nov 21, 2009 11.52):


    try the following function:

    Option Explicit

    Call Main()

    Sub Main()
            Dim strPath, blnResult
            ' folder path
            strPath = "c:\"

            ' call function to dtermine if dir exists
            blnResult = DetermineIfFolderExists(strPath)
            ' check the result [true/false]
            If blnResult = True Then
                    msgbox "the following folder exists: " & strPath
                    msgbox "the following folder does not exists: " & strPath
            End If
    End Sub

    Private Function DetermineIfFolderExists(strPath)
            Dim folderSys
            Set folderSys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
            DetermineIfFolderExists = folderSys.FolderExists(strPath)
    End Function
  • 1. typicalrude (Nov 20, 2009 12.18):

    Hi everybody,
    Is there a way to check if a directory (a folder) exists using Rhino Script?
    Thanks in advance


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