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RhinoScript – Curve on given Plane


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  • 5. trojax (Nov 18, 2009 17.06):

    It works!
    thank you very much!

  • 4. Hanno (Nov 18, 2009 09.22):

    Well, I would try Rhino.PullCurve...

  • 3. trojax (Nov 17, 2009 14.31):

    Oh, sorry, your right, it's a surface.
    How can I pull a created line on a given surface with rhinoscript?

  • 2. Hanno (Nov 17, 2009 09.51):


    you have to be careful with the terms: Do you mean a curve on a given plane or surface? For the latter one, I would suggest creating a line between your points and then pulling it onto the surface.


  • 1. trojax (Nov 13, 2009 12.07):

    Hi there,
    has anyone some ideas how I could create automatically a curve on a given surface? (for Example with given u an v parameters for the points to join with lines?)

    thank you very much!


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