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RhinoScript – _recordAnimation - Folderchoice per Rhinoscript


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  • 1. trojax (Nov 03, 2009 09.37):

    Hi there,
    another really really noob- Question:
    When I launch the "_RecordAnimation" Funktion with Rhinoscript, the usually folderBrowser opens, so that I can choose a Folder the Animation will go into.
    But how would a Rhionoscript- Command look Like that calls the RecordAnimation Function an sets the Save-folder directly to for example "c:\users\user\Desktop"?
    I tried things like

    cmd = "_-RecordAnimation " & Folder 'with folder beeing the path above
    Rhino.Command cmd


    cmd = "_-RecordAnimation _Pause " & Folder & " _Enter"
    Rhino.Command cmd

    But nothing changes the gui-folder-choice to a textual in RhinoScript.
    Please help me!


Why are these buttons gray?