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RhinoScript – Surface Fillet


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  • 2. Van Willsie (Nov 01, 2009 15.53):

    OK, so now I can script the fillet in a simple case like this:

    Call Rhino.Command("_FilletSrf _Radius" & sradius & " _SelID " & pa(0) &" _SelID " & pb(0))

    Both surfaces are simple rectangular planes and the fillet works fine.

    The problem is that when both surfaces are more complex the sript fails, but doing the exact same command by hand works.

  • 1. Van Willsie (Oct 31, 2009 16.40):

    Can anyone help with sripting of the surface or edge fillet command? I could not find a direct method for it. Also I do not understand how to use the Rhino.Command method when I already have IDs for the surface objects created in my script.



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