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RhinoScript – modular scripting


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  • 2. Hanno (Nov 02, 2009 14.58):

    Hi Miguel,

    in my opinion there are two main reasons why most of of the parametric/scripted projects don't deal with complete parametric buildings:

    1. design intent

    Most of the parametric projects are case studies, proofs of concept etc., and as such they deal almost exclusively with geometry (and with structure). Because, put simply, this is the fancy new part, and things like thermal isolation work as always (except for becoming much more troublesome).

    2. time/effort

    Parametric building elements like windows, stairs etc. are not at all new. Architectural Software packages like ArchiCAD have been providing such parametric models for years. The whole concept of BIM is about these parametrics. But you run into all sorts of problems as soon as you combine it with complex geometries, because the moment you get rid of traditional entities like "wall", "ceiling" etc. the solution space becomes infinitely huge. That's why BIM for complex geometries is very much per-project scripting nowadays.

    So while it is quite common to write a script that creates a defined building detail based on a set of parameters, it becomes much more complex the more extensive you want the result to be. It will be possible but very, very complex to write a script that generates complete houses based on a strictly defined parametric system. But when you start to weaken your parameters to make the approach more general, you will quickly hit the point where it becomes impossible due to the sheer amount of data and number of possibilities (this boils down to the old "computer vs. human designer" question).

    Hope this gives some food for thought


  • 1. miguelmk (Oct 29, 2009 21.38):

    Hello everyone

    my name is miguel and i am an architect. 99% of the parametric architecture that we see around nowadays is mostly about complex shapes. In most cases, parametric design is addressing shapes that are remotely considered architecture. But i believe that we could use parametric design  ( Rhinoscript and or Grasshopper ) for modular architecture. If we have all the "data" regarding all the structuring elements such as structure ( type, material, possible spans, angles ), facade, thermal isolation, windows, etc..; we could make a script to determine various possibilities for each specific terrain. We could also add to the script, variables such as max.  and minimum volume and surface, orientations and so on. This type of approach can be helpful in the designing of one particular home - determining the (in)finite possibilities of modules assembly - and also in designing a project of let's say 10 or even 50 houses. I've searched a lot the web, but as i said i cannot seem to find examples of rhino scripting that are focused on modular housing. Does anyone know of such cases of scripting focusing on modular architecture ?

    Do you know of anyone who can help me on this ? I would be eternally gratefull if you could help me.


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