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RhinoScript – loft again


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  • 3. bringfire (Aug 19, 2011 04.01):

    yes...any answer here would be very helpful


  • 2. powerpp (Jun 20, 2011 12.41):


    I know this message is from a while ago. But I'am experiencing the same problem. Maybe your account is still active and you did find a solution? Thanks!

  • 1. moos_7 (Sep 29, 2009 00.04):

    Hey I made a script where I compare two surfaces, I checked the direction And I made startpoint, Endpoint of the loft, but still the loft is not fine. I think the only thing to change is de seam....but I really don,t kown how to do that.
    And is it possible to take a point as start/end point with closestpoint on surface?

    thank you.

    Option Explicit
    'Script written by <insert name>
    'Script copyrighted by <insert company name>
    'Script version maandag 28 september 2009 15:51:01

    Call Main()
    Sub Main()
            Dim arrobjects
            arrobjects=Rhino.getobjects("pick surfaces ",8)
            Dim i,arrmp(),arrduplicate(),arrpoint,arrparam
            For i=0 To UBound(arrobjects)
                    ReDim Preserve arrmp(i)
                    arrMP(i) = Rhino.SurfaceAreaCentroid(arrobjects(i))
                    Dim arrcurves9
                    If IsArray(arrMP) Then
                            Rhino.AddPoint arrMP(i)(0)
                    End If
                    ReDim Preserve arrduplicate(i)
                    arrduplicate(i)=Rhino.DuplicateSurfaceBorder (arrobjects(i))
                    If i>0 Then
                            Rhino.addline arrMP(0)(0),arrMP(1)(0)
                            Dim k,arrcurves()'array for curves
                            For k=0 To UBound(arrobjects)
                                    ReDim Preserve arrcurves(k)
                                    Dim blncompare
                                    blnCompare = Rhino.CurveDirectionsMatch(arrduplicate(0)(0), arrduplicate(1)(0))
                                    '+ seam the same.
                                    If blnCompare = True Then
                                            Rhino.Print "Curves are in the same direction"
                                            Dim arrend,arrend2,arrdomain,dblparameter,arrseam
                                            Dim arrdomain2,dblparameter2,arrseam2
                                            'seam moet nog worden aangepast.
                                            Dim arrcurves6,h,addpoint
                                            'copy arrcurves 6 voor loft.
                                            arrCurves6 = Rhino.ExplodeCurves(arrcurves9)
                                            Dim count
                                            Dim arrget, arrget2,arrloft, arrpointc,arrpointd
                                            arrget=Rhino.GetObject  ("pick point",1)
                                            arrget2=Rhino.GetObject ("pick point",1)
                                            arrpointc=Rhino.pointcoordinates (arrget)
                                            arrpointd=Rhino.PointCoordinates (arrget2)
                                            Rhino.addpoint (arrpointd)
                                            Rhino.addpoint (arrpointc)
                                            'startpoint, closest point of centroid
                                            'endpoint, closest point of centroid
                                            Rhino.Print "Curve are not in the same direction"
                                            If Rhino.IsCurve(arrduplicate(i)(0)) Then
                                                    Rhino.ReverseCurve arrduplicate(i)(0)
                                            End If

                    End If

                    End If

    End Sub

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