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RhinoScript – Trim in a script


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  • 7. Hanno (Aug 01, 2008 10.56):

    ok, the problem is that splitbrep can split a surface with one other surface or polysurface. and none of your tubes intersects the whole surface, they all end too early (due to the angle).
    If you want to trim, you need to extend your pipes so that they all cut the whole surface and then use splitbrep with each tube separately.

    But in the situation shown in the picture I would not trim:
    you could draw the surface border as a polyline and offset it into the middle to get the inner border.
    Or you could find the inner border by using vector analysis - if you are fit at that, Rhino offers some fine methods.

    Hope that helps!


  • 6. Zechelon (Jul 31, 2008 20.01):

    here you see my problem.
    I have a surface and want the mittle out.
    The lofts out of it should trim the mittle. With the manualy trim that works....

  • 5. Zechelon (Jul 31, 2008 19.55):

    no - I use surfaces.
    wait a moment - I look after a server for the picture...

  • 4. Hanno (Jul 31, 2008 16.00):


    posting pictures is not yet possible - you write of "curves"; SplitBrep only works with surfaces and polysurfaces, maybe that is the problem?

  • 3. Zechelon (Jul 31, 2008 15.41):

    Doesn't work :-(
    This dont cut anything in my object...

    The curves touch each other oly in a flew points, but in a group with "_Trim" or "_Split" they do what I want :-(

    Is it posible to post a picture to show you my problem?

  • 2. Hanno (Jul 31, 2008 15.20):


    with "SplitBrep" you can split a surface with another surface. So if you want to trim, you simply need to split and then delete.

  • 1. Zechelon (Jul 31, 2008 14.25):

    If I have two surfaces and want to trim, I make it normal manual with "Trimmen" (in english versions maybe "Trim").

    How can I do this in a script - there is only a Function for trimming curves :-(


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